Continuing its long tradition of reliable and efficient high-performance yacht engines, the M96 series of MTU 2000 offers greater acceleration and low fuel consumption in 12 cylinders from 1700 bhp to 1920 bhp and 16 cylinders from 2185 bhp to 2600 bhp, which makes it particularly suitable for luxury and sport fishing. It is also supported by MTU’s Premium Yacht Service, which provides unprecedented support for the engine throughout its lifetime.
Intuitive maneuverability: complex maneuvers are made more comfortable by automatically and skillfully managing all the propulsion systems.
Compatibility with the engines – wide range of propulsion units supplied electronic or hydraulic OEM; proportional control capacity; operating mode of the joystick for the control of the propeller alone. GPS-based station maintenance – remains stationary automatically with a sophisticated GPS-based system.

Utopia IV hull lines are the result of a complex research started in 2007 when we financed a testing program in SSPA (Goteborg) with full comparison of 4 different hull models scaled from 60m projects range. Those projects have in common the target to achieve the best fast semi-displacement lines combined to the best sea-keeping properties.
The 4 different hull concepts tank tests comparison unveiled not only which of the 4 hull lines where the most performing, but also the data resulting from this massive research indicated which features of the other 3 good hull should be integrated in the best one. Our idea was to build the perfect mixture of ideal features and properties for this new project called the “X series” by Arrabito Naval Architects. The final hull lines were giving much better results than expectations and, from the concept lines, we developed a totally new series of hull lines with the same concepts of 40 m, 50 m, obviously 60 m and 70 m hull sizes.
We thought that this new hull-line concept (able to cruise at 12kts better that a full displacement hull line), could also achieve a speed up and over 30kts for 60 and even 70m. It could definitely represent the future of super and mega yachts naval architecture.
With Utopia IV we achieved at first attempt certain results that many naval architects had been trying to achieve for decades, but we did better; the incredible top speed of Utopi a IV (33kts at sea-trial condition) was also better than what simulated in all tank tests. Recently we have also witnessed real hull lines dramatic tests as Utopia IV was cruising up to 26-27 kts with wave height over 2.5 m in the Atlantic Ocean showing.
Utopia IV has excellent sea-keeping properties and very smooth comfortable cruising as predicted by the long tank testing series developed.


63.00 m

11.00 m

2.20 m


主发动机功率(每分钟转数2,450 RPM)
4 x MTU 16V 2000 M96L 1939 kW

33.00 节

½ 负载巡航速度
26.00 节

续航能力(约 12 节)
> 3,300 海里

~986 GT


Arrabito Naval Architects

Team For Design – Enrico Gobbi

Team For Design – Enrico Gobbi